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Audi Q7 High Gloss White Wrap

Audi Q7 White Wrapping • Wrapping Audi Q7 Gloss White


Audi Q7 Wrapped Matte White from Black Paint by Wrapping Cars London


Audi A5 Convertible Pearlescent White Wrapping


Audi S5 Matte Red Aluminium Wrap + Carbon Fiber Roof, Door Handles and Spoiler

Audi S5 Matte Metallic Red Vinyl Wrapping

Audi A6 Gloss White and Carbon Fiber Wrapping


Click Here to see more Audi A6 Gloss White Wrapped Pictures

Audi A4 Wrapped Gloss White


Audi TT Pearl White Full Wrap


Audi A5 Coupe Matte Satin Black Full Wrap fomr Grey Paint - Wrapping Cars London


Audi A5 Matt Blue Wrap

Audi S5 Matt Blue Aluminium Wrap 

Audi A5 full vinyl wrapped matte blue aluminium by Wrapping Cars London

Matte Blue Aluminium Wrapping

Audi S5 Wrapped in Arlon Matt Blue Aluminium at Wrapping Cars London

Audi A5 Wrap London

Audi A7 Matte Grey Wrap

Audi A7 Wrapped in 3M Matte Dark Grey

Audi A7 full vinyl wrapped matte anthracite grey by Wrapping Cars London

Matte Grey Audi 3M Wrap

Matte Grey Audi A7 Wrap

Matte Grey Audi A7 Wrap

Gun-metal Grey Wrap Audi A7

Audi R8 Wrap

Audi R8 Matt Blue Wrap 

Audi R8 full vinyl wrapped in Avery Matt Blue at Wrapping Cars London Alloys and all badges painted Black, Calipers painted Yellow r8 Wrapped Matt Blue audi car wrapping

Car Wrapping 

Bentley Flying Spur Wrapped White

Bentley Flying Spur Vinyl Wrapped Gloss White

Bentley Flying Spur full vinyl wrapped gloss white - Colour Change from Grey by Wrapping Cars London

White Vinyl Wrap Bentley

Bentley Flying Spur Wrapped White

Bentley Flying Spur Wrapped White + Window Tinting by Wrapping Cars London

White Wrapped Bentley

Bentley GT Chrome Gold

Bentley Continental GT - Chrome Gold Wrap 

Bentley Continental GT Full Vinyl Wrapped Chrome Gold by Wrapping Cars London 

Chrome Gold Bentley Wrapping Bentley GT Vinyl Wrapped in Avery Conform Chrome Gold by Wrapping Cars London Chrome Gold Bentley GT Wrapping Bentley GT Gold Wrap

BMW - Vinyl Car Wraps London | Wrapping Cars

BMW Vinyl Car Wrapping London

Brushed Steel BMW Wrapping




BMW M3 Orange & Matt Black Wrapping


BMW 1 White Wrapping from Black Color

BMW 118 Gloss White Wrap

Matt White Wrapping BMW 6 Convertible


Gloss White BMW Wrapping London

Full Wrap BMW 520 Gloss White by Wrapping Cars London


BMW 730 / 2009 Pearl White Full Wrapping from Black Color



BMW M6 Vinyl Wrapped Gloss White

BMW 645 Gloss White Wrap

BMW 320 Wrapped Matte Blue

BMW Matte Blue Wrap

BMW 5 Series full Wrapped Matte Black by Wrapping Cars London

BMW 320D Matte Black Wrap

BMW 320 D Wrapped Matte Satin Black

BMW 320 Coupe Full Vinyl Wrapped Matte Satin Black from Gloss Black Paint by Wrapping Cars London BMW matte black wrap

BMW 320D Wrapping Matte Black + Window Tinting

matte black wraps london

BMW 530 GT Wrapped Gloss Black

BMW 530 GT Vinyl Wrapped Gloss Black 

BMW GT Full vinyl Wrapped Gloss Black + Window Tints and Black Alloys

BMW GT Gloss Black Wrap

BMW 530 GT Colour Change Wrap in Gloss Black from Grey by Wrapping Cars London

BMW GT Black Vinyl Wrap London

Colour change vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are a relatively quick, easy and cost effective way to completely change the color and look or your vehicle, whilst at the same time protecting and extending the life of the paintwork underneath. There is no particular time limit as to how long a vehicle wrap last, but if it is initially installed correctly, and subsequently properly cleaned and maintained along with the rest of the exterior, then there is no reason why a vinyl wrap should not last the life of the car, or at least for the period of time you own the vehicle, if that is what you require. We give from 5 to 8 Years Warranty, depending of what colour you choose the wrap and condition of original paintwork

Once the vinyl has been applied, there may be a short period (48 hours) before you can wash and clean the exterior of your car, this is to ensure all areas of the wrap thoroughly adhere to the surface and any time you would have to wait would be far shorter than the time you may have to wait after having your vehicle repainted.

Colour change car wraps - 3M, Avery and Oracal vinyls

Car Wrapping Benefits:

A vehicle wrap is not permanent and it can easily and safely be removed without any damage to the paintwork. If you get bored with the current color and want a change, the vinyl wrapping process can be done again and again as many times as you want without having to go through all the work required if you want to have your vehicle re-painted. Also, once a car has been repainted, it unfortunately brings with it a certain stigma that may make selling the vehicle more difficult, as potential buyers may wonder if it has been in a bad accident, or they simply may not like the color, but a vehicle wrap can easily be removed before selling if it is not appropriate.

Car wrap removal video

Using right materials, preparation and correct vinyl wrap installation after years you get an EASY and CLEAN car wrap removal without any damage to paintwork or glue left behind

Ferrari Wrap

Ferrari wrap London 

Ferrari California vinyl wrapped in satin chameleon Avery Dennison Rushing Riptide at Wrapping Cars London

Ferrari Window Tinting

ferrari wrap

ferrari wrapping

ferrari wrapping London

car wrapping 

Finishing and Details

Wondering how a wrapped car looks ? 

Please find below in-detail and quality finish of our vinyl car wrapping works

Maserati Chrome Gold Wrap

Maserati gold chrome viny wrap

Maserati Vinyl Wrapped in Avery Supreme Chrome Gold

Maserati GT Full vinyl wrapped chrome gold including inside boot, door shuts and door returns from original Gloss black paint

Maserati GranTurismo Pearl White Wrap

Maserati GranTurismo Pearl White Wrap

Maserati GranTurismo Colour Change from Red to Avery Supreme Pearl White Wrapped by Wrapping Cars London

Maserati granturismo wrapped pearl white

Maserati GranTurismo Pearl White Wrapping + Window Tinting by Wrapping Cars London

Maserati granturismo pearl white

Mercedes C63 AMG Gloss White Wrap

Mercedes C63 AMG Full Vinyl Wrapped Gloss White

C63 AMG White Wrap - Colour Change from Grey by Wrapping Cars London

C63 AMg Wrapped White

Mercedes Wraps London

Mercedes C63 Door Shuts Wrapped White -Wrapping Cars London

Door Shuts Wrapped Mercedes C63

Mercedes C63 Chrome Blue Wrap

Chrome Blue Wraps London

Mercedes C63 AMG Full Vinyl Wrapped Chrome Blue 

Silver Mercedes C63 AMG to Chrome Blue Wrap

Chrome Blue Vinyl Wrap London

Chrome Blue Wraps London

Chrome Blue Mercedes London

Chrome Blue Mercedes C63


Mini Cooper Wrapped Matte Purple

Mini Clubman Fulll Vinyl Wrapped Matte Purple

Mini Cooper D Full vinyl wrap in Avery Supreme Matte Metallic Purple by Wrapping Cars London

Mini Cooper Vinyl Wrapped Matte Satin Black

Mini Cooper vinyl wrap in Matte Black by Wrapping Cars London 


Quality Car Wrapping | London Vehicle Wrap | Branding Services

Car Wrapping › Vehicle Graphics

Wrapping Cars provides professional Colour change vehicle wraps services to clients throughout the London area. We are based in Barnet, North West London and we have 16 years' experience in the Vehicle Wrapping and Graphics sector.
We offer an expert Car wrap service to individuals and vehicle graphics to businesses, with options to suit any budget for everyone. With a fully insured and fitted workshop, we have expert staff helping clients to save time and money. At Wrapping cars Londonwe offer top quality vehicle wraps, including window tinting and Vehicle branding. Superbly finished, the cars are perfect, have a brand new look that we can protect and preserve with PPF - Paint Protection Clear or Coloured Films

BMW car wrapping London

Bmw car wrapBrushed Aluminum BMW Vinyl Wrap by Wrapping Cars London •  BMW Matt White Vinyl car wrap • BMW M3 Matt Carbon wrap; Orange car wraps • Gloss White BMW •   Vinyl Wraps • Matte Black BMW car wraps London • BMW Pearl Car Wrapping •  Gloss Black BMW Roof Vinyl Wrap.
Before we apply the vinyl wrap we remove all Lights, Door Handles, Trims and Badges from the body and we use Vhicle wrapping Surface Cleaner. All panels are made from one go, no joints! We wrap each body panel individually and we go with the vinyl inside each pannel approx 7-10mm>

Audi colour change wraps

Vehicle wrappingAudi A6 Gloss White & Carbon Wrapping •  Audi Matte Satin Black Vinyl Wrapping • Audi A5 Gloss White Wrap • Audi Q7 White Wrapping • Audi TT pearl white car wrap • Convertible Audi A5 Wrapped Pearl White • Matte Black Audi A5 • Audi A4 White Wrap  •  Audi Body Car Wrap We do Window Tinting and Alloy Refurbishment, Alloy Wheels Painting, Vehicle Branding - Design, Vinyl Print and Install in house.
Wrapping Cars - your one stop car wrap centre in London, we've vinyl wrapped over 100 Audi's so far in gloss, matte, pearl, pearlescent, chrome and camo wrap finish>

Mercedes Colour Wraps London

Car wrap London Mercedes S500 Pearl White Wrap • AMG Matte Black Wrapping • Gloss Black Mercedes E63 Wrap • Matte White Mercedes Wrapping • Mercedes ML Pearlescent car wrap

Vehicle Wrapping Benefits:

Wrapping your car actually benefits the original paintwork in a number of ways. Firstly, it helps to thoroughly protect and preserve it from the weather conditions, keeping environmental contaminants away, provides a protective barrier against rock and stone chips, which can easily damage paintwork and lead to rust formation. It also acts as a barrier against the sun strong UV rays, which can oxidize and fade your paintwork. And last, instead of your paintwork being inflicted with scuffs, swirls marks and light scratches over time, the vinyl will instead take the brunt of these, being completely eliminated when the wrap is removed. Wrapping Cars London - Audi • BMW • Mercedes • Range Rover Vinyl wrap Colour change vehicle Wrapping Specialists

Range Rover Matte Grey

Range Rover 3M Matte Dark Grey Wrap

Range Rover Vogue Matt Dark Grey Wrap by Wrapping Cars London

3M Matte Range Rover Wrap

3M Matte Range Rover Wrapping

3M Matte Range Rover Wraps

3M Matt Range Rover Wrap

3M Matt Range-Rover Wrap

Range Rover Matte Metallic Blue Wrap

Range Rover Wrapped Matte Metallic Blue

Range Rover Vogue Vinyl Wrapped Matte Metallic Blue Colour Change from Dark Blue by Wrapping Cars London Range Rover Vogue Matte Metallic Blue Wrap

Range Rover Matte Metallic Blue - Wrapping Cars London

Matte Blue range Rover Vogue
3m Arlon Avery Graphics Wraps